Super Saloons

Owen Dixon had a great end to the season at Central Motor Speedway Easter Champs. John spent the night as part of the crew for Owen who really answered the challenges put before him on the track. A popular winner of the pole shuffle which saw him moving up from 5th to win 4 in a row and start from pole for the 20 lap feature. Mark Grocott got the early jump and kept the lead with Owen having a great battle with Ray Stewart before taking out a strong 2nd place. The Dixon Team is a true speedway family son Kerry also racing and both drivers well supported by family members.

Jackson Lovelady in the LRC 17c had what he would describe as a frustrating start to the season. As the house car any development ideas are tried first before going to clients. Jack was doing the development work on the 4-bar link setup. At one point we switched back to the torsion arm set up for a couple of nights but the team was unanimous in its decision to go back to the 4-bar trial. A learning curve can sometimes result in lower finishing positions but with perseverance and learning, dividends really began to pay towards the end of the season with some excellent results including an impressive showing in the North Vs South meeting in Blenheim. Jackson ended the meeting with top points on the final night and 3rd overall for the two nights.

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