Another good season for LRC Modifieds. With Luke Keegan leaving the class and the BRT Modified being sold to Cleve Kokshoorn, the class was open for a new NZ1.

We had a session with Gary Lennon and his team to assist in understanding their set-up and quantifying their changes. The 9C Lightening Construction car went from strength to strength winning the Canterbury Champs and placing well in most other championships.

Danny Rae has a strong middle part of the season winning the Remembrance Champs in fine style. Next year will see Danny in the ex 2014 NZ1 chassis. This should be a step up from the chassis he has been using which was originally the house car in 1997. Look out for this very talented driver next year!

Cleve Kokshoorn seemed to have plenty of speed and was definitely not afraid to use it! Given a bit more time the results certainly will come!

Long time LRC clients Ian and AnneMarie Whyte have had an exciting season as owners of the new NZ1 Harris chassis car driven by Steve Thompson. Ian is also still driving himself and showed some excellent speed during the season.

Ian has put in a huge effort into the development of Greenstone Speedway in Greymouth in readiness for the NZ Modified Title next year and we can expect an excellent event on the coast.

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